Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Look what we found in the punkin patch!

 One very very cold and windy day we headed up to the pumpkin patch (on the very top of the bluff of course!) with Brianna, Hannah and Claire. The kids had fun watching the animals, feeding the goats and going for wagon rides. Once we started the trek through the pumpkins, the little girls started to wear out and were ready to head home and get warm! Pete was a trooper though!

 The next day we finished picking all of the raspberries and tomatoes in the garden. I found a little helper in there!
 She was really good at finding raspberries and cherry tomatoes to eat! All year I'd find both kids hovering next to the fence pulling the red tomatoes off of the vines and gobbling them up! I'm lucky that I stuck the berries in the back where they couldn't get to them!!
 Working hard at finding just the right one...

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