Friday, October 5, 2012

Day Out in Winona

My parents came to spend the day with us a while back. You can always tell when school starts up because I go so long between blogging. I have a hard time sitting at the computer after I've sat all day!

But my parents came to visit for the day and helped me get a few things done, and had a lot of fun along the way as well. One of the activites that we did was use the free canoes on Lake Winona. We loaded up the kids and off we went. This is how the kids spent the entire trip, splashing in the water and leaning out as far as they could. Emi was leaning particularly far out so my dad was watching her when all of the sudden Pete (who was using my mom's paddle) went PLOP! Right into the lake! Without missing a beat, my dad reached in and scooped up Peter who was still holding onto the paddle, had one dry shoulder and was laughing! He must be the ONLY kid in the whole world who wouldn't be fazed by that.


Barb said...

Hilarious. When you want to swim you want to swim!

vivida said...

Dad says next time the kids will not be right next to each other...still fun; look at those two lil blondies.

ani said...

haha! What a great story, and what fun grandparents! The second photo is fantastic.