Friday, October 19, 2012

Kim Gets Married!

Kim's wedding has been anticipated in our house for quite a while- for two reasons- 1. We were looking forward to it and love her, Kyle and her family a whole bunch. 2. She wanted Pete to be in the wedding party.

Once she asked, I told her to forget the conversation, think about it and then get back to me. She was sure and Pete was set to go! He was a perfect little man at the wedding and she was a gorgeous bride! The flower girl drug Pete down the aisle, told him to bow (he flopped so low his head almost hit his knees!) and he got to go on the trolley with the wedding party and have "champagne"!

at the hotel before the rehearsal

I love this picture of her and Pete playing!

Kim and Kyle toasting.

Petey toasting!

Gang's all here!!

So worn out!

Emi was scared of Kim in her big wedding dress- think back to Minnie Mouse-- but she made friends with the other bridesmaids!!!

Congratulations to Kim and Kyle! We love you both!

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vivida said...

Love the picture of Pete and Malaiya. So cute