Monday, April 11, 2011

 Summer was back for a day on Sunday. It was near 80* and we made the most of it playing outside ALL day! I got Pete's water table back out and he was more productive with it this year... dumping water back
 and forth and throwing cups of water at the chickens that we let out while we cleaned their little yard...
I just laugh and laugh and laugh everytime I see this picture. He is so cute and a little naughty all at the same time!!

 We walked up to WSU's campus and got to run around and climb on the fountains and benches. We like to go different places without traffic that he can run free and not have to be directed. Plus Scout likes all of the pets from the students. 
Emi outside with barefeet for the first time this year! (And our railings on the deck to keep Pete UP where he belongs). Everyone knows that I love summer- I would move to Florida in the heat in a heart beat if it were close to family and Garrick even said to me last night that he also loves the warm weather even though he wouldn't give up the snow but that it is really really really nice to be so warm outside!

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