Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hoot Hoot

We have officially been "into" owls for over a year now. Last year we were all sick the weekend of the Owl Festival in Houston but this year we have been planning on going for months!! Grandpa Dan came as well. We went to an owl talk where they had owls to show the crowd, one owl flew around and ATE A MOUSE- that was Peter's favorite part of the whole day. He was literally too excited to sit during the entire show. There was also an owl hooting contest for the kids that Peter participated in!

  MVI 1670 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

 Afterwards, we came home, played trains, went sledding and ?? The day just flew by!!
 As you can see the kids have the best time sledding!!! We are supposed to get MORE snow this week so all of my talk that "this might be the last time..." might be for nothing!

MVI 1674 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

MVI 1675 from garrick holey on Vimeo.


Barb said...

How fun! And those look like the happiest kids on the planet.

vivida said...

This might be rated as the best blog entry EVAH!!! "whooooo" gets the prize???? Pete for being the littlest hooter in to a microphone onstage, Scout for being an awesome dog, or Emi for being a champ in the tube???? Great videos.