Sunday, March 31, 2013


We went to church as a family and each of the kids were as good as could be. We are one of the only young families at the early service so any noises belong to our family! All of the people there always tell us they love hearing the kids and to not worry-- but we still want them to be good! We stopped and got treats at the grocery store afterwards and then played inside- it rained on and off and was cold and windy. While the kids napped, I hid eggs outside (after the SNOW stopped) and we went out for a little egg hunt. Both kids were SO GOOD at it this year. Peter was  a lot faster than Emelia, but he would find eggs and show her where they were or put a few extras in her basket.

 Our yard has about an inch of standing water in it- the kids wear their boots whenever they go out.

Here is Lainey in her Easter outfit that Robyn passed onto us. How many people have a newborn baby girl the week of Easter? She did last year and now us... She was so cute in it! 

Happy Easter!!
He is Risen!

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vivida said...

Y'all look nice all dressed up!