Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Epic Snowstorm!

 Holiday Train 2010!!!! Pete absolutely loved it- next year our goal is to make it there BEFORE the train gets there so we can see it pull up.

We didn't break any records- but I think that 22 inches of snow in a day is pretty incredible! It started to snow Friday night just a little, by the time I got up on Saturday morning we had 10 inches. Garrick went out and shoveled. It continued to snow all day. We played inside, we read books, Garrick got sent to get us a tree and to check in at Christmas play practice at church. He came home and set up the tree. Garrick went out and shoveled. We put the tree up and tried to play outside for a little while- it was too cold and windy and since it was still snowing... Pete didn't like it- we came back in and waited for Garrick to finish shoveling. We ate chili with Mike and Julie and came home and watched movies. We got up this morning- the snow had stopped, the sun was out and guess what... Garrick went out and shoveled. I feel bad about this- I LIKE to shovel and play in the snow and Garrick is real tired but someone has to watch the babies and someone has to shovel. If I were the shoveler- I'd still be out there. So... Garrick went out and shoveled.

 Right after Emi whitewashed Peter.

 Pete loves to hide in the tree.

 Our "tunnel"to the chickens.

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