Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Night at the Rotary Lights

 If you all remember last year, it was NOT a success. It was cold, Pete was little and Santa was really scary! This year we spent time being transfixed by the trains and dragons. Much BEtter!
 This year was different though- Pete was old enough to walk around through most of it- tell us what he was seeing- Choo-choo train, car, boat! And we knew enough to not wait in line for Santa this year- it was close to 80 people long! We waited to go until it was one of those 30* nights so we were able to last a long time- except Emi who just wanted a paci that I forgot! So it was a little crowded but it was much more enjoyable than in the past!
 Also, they switched over to nearly all LED lights- I have no idea what the cost is to run the lights and what they are saving and how long it will take to break even, but it was SO bright there that the camera wasn't even trying to use the flash.

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Amy said...

that looks like so so so much fun! where is it and how long does it run? we may have to come see it either this year still or next year! those paci's are hard to remember!