Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In a 2 dog open sleigh

 When my parents came to visit, we had a lot of fun- more about that later but we also took the two dogs out on Lake Winona skijouring- they are doing a pretty good job especially when we get both of the dogs going together!
Sometimes when we look around Winona i tis hard to believe that it is in MN- I feel like we are out in the mountains- so beautiful!We also got the great idea of hooking BOTH dogs up to Garrick and seeing what happened... take a look!


vivida said...

HAHAHA....we are lol at the video; wish those dogs had a little more giddy-up and go....

Missy said...

LOVE THE VIDEO! Paul has taken Wilson out a few times, we've gotta get together with you guys soon to try it out!