Tuesday, December 21, 2010

 2 months old! She has started to sleep through the night- usually about every other night without waking up and then the others just needs to be held for a minute- but she doesn't eat at night anymore! She is getting better at holding her head up, is smiling more and more and is still a little snuggler.

 This is what our Christmas with my parents looked like- we were all sick- Pete the most of all and we didn't even get to see Matt's family since we were all so sick! Lots of sleeping by the fires, a little choo choo train and a few games of Risk.
 Emi loved strecting out on a blanket in front of the wood stove- I don't think that she's ever been that warm in her life!
 We were supposed to be the Holy Family at church again this year, but instead it was just me and Emi and then a stand in Joseph- Garrick was home sick with a sick kid. As usual they did a great job and I can't wait to see Pete up there next year dressed like a dog or a mouse! It must have been amazing to be Mary and have all of these people visiting in the week after Jesus was born and realize the importance of the day!

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