Tuesday, December 16, 2008

work work work

We have been working hard on our dining room now that our kitchen is so beautiful. We added french doors that go to our backyard and a new ceiling becuase the old one was so cracked. We are almost ready for a coat of paint (first we just have to pick a color for the room.)

Scout got a new toy that he really really had fun with for about one day... ( I tried to upload a video of him playing with it, but I think that I didn't give it enough time! I'll try again with a different video at some point.) This is what happened after the first day of fun with it!

Finally, this weekend we went to LaCrosse to see the Christmas lights like we always do. It was real cold this year and we weren't dressed for it... so we just walked through real fast and took a few fast pictures...

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vivida said...

Poor little sheep - RIP ;)
Your dining room looks great; hope you have lots of shop vac filters for the big dust clean up- whew.