Wednesday, December 17, 2008

week 28

We took this shot of me when we got home from skiing this afternoon. Kermit is definetly growing, but at his own pace. I'm not complaining though, it is really nice to be able to ski, run and swim still!

My kids at school poke at it all of the time and say funny things- today they told me that I should breakdance on my stomach when it gets big and spin around like a turtle shell... I just laugh. They are all guessing boy and girl etc... we are going to have a pool and have them all put in their guesses to win some sort of prize.

Also, we are almost ready to convert the extra bedroom into a baby room- we just hung up the shades that I made for the windows and they work really well! The room is so dark now- once we get spare room of doom finished we can move everything around and set up for Kermit.

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vivida said...

Hi Kermie!! Lookin' good there, mom.