Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adventures in Arizona!

Before Christmas I went to Arizona to visit Kimberly and as usual we had a really busy weekend! The first part of the weekend was spent helping Kim get everything set for a Maggie's Place Christmas- fulfulling the wishlists of over 300 moms and kids who have been a part of their family.

The second part of the weekend (sunday) we went to church (where Kim's 3 year old friend Rhonda asked me if baby Jesus was in my tummy) and went on a few different hikes. As usual it was beautiful weather and it was so fun to see Kimberly since we don't get to get together real often.

Kim wanted me to title this one: Kermit hiking in AZ

We saw a ReAllY huge spider!! Eek!

We met a really nice couple from Canada who took a bunch of pictures of us...

And we took some self portraits!

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steph said...

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year Erin, Garrick, Kermie, Scout, and Pumpkin! We love your blog and PS the new french doors look great!