Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Garrick finished our dining room and it looks so beautiful!

As usual, I worked New Years Eve and on New Years day we went for a hike- in a tribute to Ani, Steph and Kristen- {did any of you go??} We went with our friends Kelly and Marty- they are having a baby in February! and their dogs Merks and Haas. Scout was very very tired after the day of running but it was really warm and sunny out.

And... here is the next installment of the belly shots- week 30-


The Wagner Fam said...

what the heck?? week 30??? you look like you are only half-way. lookin' good erin, lookin' good.:) congrats on the baby:)

Leo said...

Hey Erin! (I agree with the Wagners- you do look good). Also, wanted to let you know I was hiking with you in spirit on new years. I went on a sunrise hike into the mountains. I thought of our yearly tradition. I hope that some new years soon we'll be able to all be hiking on the same trail! love you! -A

Kaytay said...

Erin! I'm so excited for you and Garrick. You look great and so does the house! I'm glad I was being a facebook stalker and found this so I can keep up with you guys now! Hope you had a great holiday. Maybe next year we can all spend it together.

kpiehl said...

You and the house look great! I love the shirt!