Wednesday, January 28, 2009

our new dance hall!

Well, we- well Garrick- has finished the dining room floor- we feel like the space is so big that it would be able to be used as a dance floor with the two rooms connected and finished the same. It was a long weekend and week of work for him, but it looks beautiful- it is also nice to have our house back together without our kitchen table in the living room etc... Here are some during/after pictures.

One thing that happened was the handle of the sander somehow wiggled loose, it ran away from Garrick and smashed into the wall... The way that we looked at it was we were really really really glad that it didn't run into the patio doors and ruin that wood or break the glass- that was less that a foot away... this will be mostly covered by our baseboards and then can be just touched up after that.

AND here we are at 34 weeks. Kermit is getting bigger, people have finally said that it is clearly obvious that I am preggo and the kids at school are getting excited. They went sledding the other day and could not figure out why their dare-devil teacher wouldn't go with them! I just kept saying- "babies don't sled!" But it is getting tight in there... 6 weeks to go! We are getting a crib this weekend and then are going to set up his room so that we are ready in case of an early appearance!

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Ashley said...

You two are just too cute! Kermit is coming soon... wow, 6 weeks away. You look beautiful Erin! So did you call Kermit a HE for a reason, or was it an accident? Is there a little baby BOY coming?? I am in love with your new dance floor! If you need some help breaking it in, I know how to cut a rug.