Thursday, January 15, 2009


Officially in Winona it was -21* without the wind chill!!! With the windchill it was supposed to get to -40-50*. So, in order to keep the children safe (as my dad would say) we didn't have school.

It has been a pretty quiet couple of weeks, last weekend I ran a 5K just for fun to see how I could do... I am getting slower, there is nothing that can be done about this- but I was 30 seconds aways from placing in my age group with a 27+ min race! It was real fun to go at least. Maybe Kermit and I will do one more race together as a team... I'll have to see if I can't find one to do. :) Garrick has been skiing like crazy with all of the snow that we have been getting- he is doing a big ski race in a few weeks in the Twin Cities. I haven't seen him race before so I'm excited to go and see the race etc... It will be a really fun weekend.

Garrick is a miracle worker. This room was by far the WORST room in the entire house and in a few weeks he re-mudded, taped and painted the room. Now we are starting to get things that we've acquired moved into Kermit's room- I don't think that this falls into the nesting phase quite yet, but it's like we are gathering sticks to make the nest.

AND here's how we are looking at week 32. (The next project Garrick is going to tackle is the dining room floor- that's why there is the big crack between the two- he was fixing a few missing boards from where the wall used to be.) I took it when I got back from the Y running- so that explains the sweaty shorts and rosy cheeks :)

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vivida said...

Both your guest room and you look great. I like the roman shades you made. Only 8 more weeks!!!