Monday, January 19, 2009

My Husband... the stripper...

Get your mind out of the gutter!

This is what he worked on over weekend while I was away at mom and dad's keeping Kermit and Scout safe from the fumes. (Well, Scout just likes to visit Payton which is why he gets to come.) But he stripped what I thought was a junky old dresser that turned out to be beaUtiful and the perimeter of our dining room floor to get it ready to be sanded down and refinished! It will look so great when it's done- our kitchen was an amazing transformation.

Other accomplishments for the week include:

Garrick making new floor boards for the gap between the kitchen and dining room- he was about 5 short after he salvaged them from the back porck.

Garrick finishing the really hard puzzle that our neighbor Joan challenged him to do- the sky is completely black- no pattern, no constellations, just black.

Me hiking with my parents at the best place in the whole world- Devil's Lake- Payton was scared to go out on the rocks- this is how she participated in the photo shoot. And then just a few other nice pictures from the day :)

Finally, I had the 33 week checkup today (actually 32 and 5/7, but who's counting) and Suzanne one of my midwives said that everything is perfect, my 'girth' is 32 cm, the weight gain has slowed down, but she says that the baby is still growing and kicking like crazy- we watched it for a little bit while I was there- AND she also said that it is head down which is key. I'm still able to keep running and swimming too! Life is good. (The heartbeat ranged from 138- 150 while I was there, she said the head was low in my pelvis, but the feet were high and I drank an entire pitcher of OJ in the last 2 days, but also bought chocolate covered raisins the other day- any guesses?)

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vivida said...

Wow, what WAS Garrick doing while you were gone??? LOL. The dresser is nice. Will that have be the changing table??
My guess: BOY