Friday, December 2, 2011

Part 2

 We went to the Children's Museum next, They have a great new exhibit that is all different story books- Peter was especially excited about the Snowy Day (he loves that book- I think mostly becuase the main character's name is also Peter) and the best part was when you walked on the foot steps lights lit up and it made the crunch sound- just like in the booK!!
 He got he picture with his buddy: Peter!! He was so excited!
 Emi spent a long time pulling the cards off of the shelf and putting them into the basket
 Pete drove a bus

 And Emelia devilered the mail!
 Pete learned about teamwork and mechanical advantage
 And Raced some boats.

While Garrick and Peter were exploring the ant hill, Em and I snuck off to the baby room, went down some slides, played with HUGE sunflowers and looked out some BIG windows!

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