Monday, January 16, 2012

Doesn't Get any cuter...

Than puppies and babies together!

There is a picture of Scout on my mom's camera from when he was a little puppy and everytime I see it, my heart just melts. In fact, I was looking at pictures of Pete from right when he was born and got to that one and said, aww... my mom came over to see which amazing shot of my kid that I loved... nope it was the dog.

Needless to say when our friend asked if we wanted to come to their farm to see their puppies, we were there in a flash.
 Pete liked running around and having the puppies chase him.
 He also found a dump truck and was loading the puppies in and driving them around.
 Emelia just loved sitting and letting them crawl all over her, give her kisses and petting them.

Our little family *might* be growing by one after today!!

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vivida said...

Step away from the puppies. Crying at night, poop in the house, chewing on furniture....yes, I am talking about puppies; NOT kids. It's hard to say who is cuter, the kids or the puppies. Very cute indeed. :)