Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready for summertime

We are getting closer and closer to summer which means we are busier than ever with life- both mine at school and also playing and working outside!

reading at the library
We have been able to take a lot of walking trips and biking trips around town-  Emelia is able to go 8 or 9 blocks now before she gives up- we all just have to have a little patience though! It is not a very fast trip. Pete is able to ride his trike that far as well if I can convince him to leave his skuut bike at home. He is much slower on it so it is a good match for them to cruise together with.

 Emelia loves to get pushed around in strollers, big trucks and to get rides on this blue hippo. She is really wedged in there- if she were much bigger she wouldn't fit so I think she is pretty safe in there.
 I was pushing her the other day and Pete decided that he would help out for a bit. They probably made 10 trips back and forth before Emi had had enough. I think Peter would have shoved her all day. Cooperative play at its best!

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Barb said...

Great pictures. Fun (and very busy days) ahead with them this age, right? Sam just figured out he could hook the wagon up to his trike and pull Eva like a trailer behind him.