Saturday, September 1, 2012

To the Fair!

 We went to the state fair this week and tried to participate in as many of the features as possible! We were among the first people in the baby animal barn and saw piglets, lambs, a calf, chicks and ducklings.
 Pete had a photo op with this guy.
 We tried out a LOT of tractors. No big surprise, but there were a lot bigger and better tractors than we had at our county fair.

 Worked at a farm for a while
 And got AWESOME hats!!
 Garrick's cousins and aunt and uncle came and met us at the fair too-
 Pete got a beef stick almost as long as he was.
 And participated in the group sing a long by yelling as loud as he could into the mic. We could hear him for sure over the other 100 people singing.
The girls also took the kids on rides! A big slide, a train and some really annoying tractors that had horns that beeped. Pete double up on the horns for his whole ride.

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Barb said...

Wow. This looks like so much fun. Sam and Eva would both love those tractors, and the hats are too cute. Looks like a great day.