Friday, May 10, 2013

Last day of Leave

My leave has come to an end and I'm "back" at school working (from home of course). It is completely do-able but it makes me realize how big Lainey is getting and how fast two months can go! On my last day off we went for a long run (both lakes- Peter rode his bike) and had a picnic at the fountain park.When we were at the park, Peter saw that I had four cookies in the lunch- he thought for a minute and said- Emi and I each get two!! Or I can have 2 and you each can have 1...

I feel lucky that I was able to take almost 9 weeks off and spend so much time with Lainey-bug. Now just 17 days until summer!!


vivida said...

See...a long bike ride apparently enhances one's math skills. :)

vivida said...

whoa and lookit Emi's looong legs...I'm jealous. ;)