Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 As usual, we had all sorts of Halloween Fun in Winona. Including, but not limited to:
 Halloween party with friends! Pinatas, bobbing for apple and Emi eating as many Cuties as possible were the highlights of that night.

 "Real Halloween"
This was the best I'm sure for Peter since he got to wear his train costume. He wasn't able to walk very quickly in it, so for the first time in Emi's life- she was able to outrun him. He was so sad that she was getting to all of the doorbells first... but the extra treats put into his smoke stack made up for it. I also wasn't going to dress up or dress Lainey up, but saw the Cinderella/Gus costume and I just couldn't resist!
 Emi was obviously so so so happy to be a cat. She just loved it.
 We decorated Mike and Julie's driveway with a Halloween train.
 Halloween at the library and the haunted stacks!

 Trick or treating with friends at SMU. These are the best two pictures I have of the group... Our entire group was friends of ours. This was the best thing ever! So fun for the kids to know everyone and for the parents to have friends to talk to. We love our "tribe" here in Winona.

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vivida said...

what a cute little kitty cat and choo choo. Let's not forget Gus, too.