Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to Lainey

Took her picture on the turtle. Officially a Winonan now!
Lainey's first birthday was a full weekend! We spent the day going to the Owl festival, having cake at our house and spending time at the fountain park.

When Lainey turned one, she was crawling very quickly, pushing laundry baskets and toys and getting rides in bigger toys from her siblings. She loves to eat (fruits, veggies, and whatever we are eating for dinner/lunch/breakfast), have her bottles and especially play with her big sister Emelia. In the afternoons, she will wake up and Emi will run upstairs and crawl in her crib with her to play for a while. She is my sleeper- she will go to bed at 7 and some mornings she will wake up after 8am if she is able. When I go in to wake her up, she is always scruched in the corner of her crib and lifts her head up quickly with squinty eyes. Then she jumps to her feet and gives a big smile-- time to play!!

She is a climber. Loves to climb the stairs and to climb up on her little slide and go down it on her own. Lainey is tough- she can crash over and over and doesn't cry much.  You love to go for stroller rides as well. As soon as we go out to the garage and pull the stroller out to go for a walk or a run, you start to laugh and kick. I know this summer you will be hauling it out on your own.

You do make your wants known though. If you don't have a cup of milk at dinner you yell until you get one and when you are done, you have taken to throwing your food on the floor. (Scout thanks you). 

You are our sweet baby. Everyone in the family is sweet on you and you have brought out the mommy in Emelia and a patient big brother in Peter. When you start to knock over his buildings, he will bring you off to the side and build you your own little one to wreck. You love to wave hello and bye bye  and especially love to give big sloppy open mouthed kisses- then you giggle.

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