Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Earth Day

We love Winona's Earth Day! This year was no different. We biked to the lake- Peter rode and I convinced Emelia to sit in the bike trailer with Lainey. This year, there were a few things at the Levy Park and the rest were around town via bus.

We waited for the bus and a few of Peter's friends from school joined us on the bus trip up to Holzinger. We got to play bingo on the bus- Peter and Starker took it VERY seriously!
 Emelia... not so much. 
 When we got there, we listened to a naturalist talk about snakes that we see around the area. When we were biking home, I asked Peter what he remembered about the snakes and he could tell me the species names (Fox, Garter and Rattle) and that one of them was poisonous- but he couldn't remember for sure which it was. He is a good listener!!

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vivida said...

Peter does soak it all in, doesn't he?