Friday, July 18, 2014

Winona County Fair

When Peter and Emi came back from their school trip and I asked Emelia what her favorite part was, she answered "The MONKEY!" I looked at Peter and he said that yeah that was his favorite part too. The random animal petting zoo was back again complete with said monkeys, camels, fainting goats etc... When they went with their classes, they got to ride on a bus to get there, go on a ride of their choice (Emi "said" that she got to do two), and see many of the animals and have a snack!

We went back that evening as a family and pretty much did the same thing over again. But added in a long visit to the row of tractors AND saw the llamas attempting the obstacle course. Llamas can be pretty stubborn animals so when a few of the young girls we trying to jerk their llamas over the steps or under the hoops Peter would start giggling and I had to bite my cheeks so I didn't laugh as well! You could see the kids glaring at their animals and thinking "You did this yesterday!! Come ON"

 After we went to the fair, we went to our friend Susan's house to play on her trampoline and tree fort, have dessert and hang out. That night when we went to bed, I asked Emi what her favorite part of the day was... her answer: "Petting Susan's cat Nali". Sometimes I just don't know what to say!

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vivida said...

Emi looks like she is ready for her driver's license. Just wait!!