Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last weekend of summer

We went to the Goodview Day's Parade- Pete wasn't a huge fan of the Winona parade earlier this summer, but he loved everything about the parade over the weekend! He liked the trucks, hohomo (motorcycles- complete with the hand gesture), horses (NEEigh), clowns (gave high fives) and of course the candy that was given out (mo,mo,mo).
For our anniversary we went back to Smith Farms for some animal fun, pizza and relaxing.
AND a bonus for everyone!  A belly picture- about 30 weeks (maybe just 29?)
Then we also went for one last trip to Buckhorn to visit Captain Dan and Mooze. We went to Madison for part of the day to see Jackson and Thomas and went to the children's museum which is brand new and so fun and beautiful! Pete especially liked the water.

Making lots of noise.
And going up to the rooftop garden where there were ponds, chickens and grass to run and play in. Also, we saw some awesome views of Madison!

We had the great idea of kidnapping Jackson to come and play- they ate together, played "big-choo-choo train" (as Jack would say) and went to the beach.
Where they wrestled

and splashed a lot. What a fun weekend!!!

When we got back we went to Petey's 18 month appt. He is 21 pounds and 33 inches long- that puts him at the 3% for weight and the 50% for height!

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vivida said...

What fun we had with the boys! I love the pic of Pete watching the parade with his little flag.