Saturday, September 4, 2010

We are officially getting between 1-3 eggs a day! That means that we are eating lots of eggs and more importantly for Garrick... COOKIES!

Garrick was trying to leave to go biking the other day ...
Our sunflowers have finally grown- my dad as usual won the contest- BUT I at least had the tallest sunflower- it was almost 10 feet tall
Peter and my dad also planted these little ones together this summer- These had the highest rate of germination and growth-
We also took Pete canoeing for the first time! The park and rec department lets you rent canoes for free and take them out on the big lake for an hour or so. It isn't quite as exciting as going out on the river considering that I run around that lake with Pete everyday anyhow BUT it is still REALLY easy to go and to let Pete give it a try.
He liked being our lookout.
Watching for Pirates.
But he really liked leaning over the edge of the canoe to drag his hand in the water. At some points he was trying to climb into the water. I would feel a lot better and could help paddle more if I had a rope tied to Pete's top loop on his life jacket.

And I think that the BEST part was getting ice cream at the end of the trip. Lakeview closes this week for the summer so we went and had ice cream and played on the toys for one last time.

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