Monday, September 27, 2010

Last week was so rainy and cold that we had to get creative inside since there weren't many chances to play outside... We baked cookies one day...
Pete liked to dump
Watch the mixer.
And eat the cookies/dough of course!

 We went to Madison for Thomas's baptism this weekend but before we went there, we went canoeing on Mirror Lake with my parents. Pete got to switch canoes halfway through. Garrick and I got ahead at one point and all you could hear was "mama, mama... mammaaa" from down the canyon. They caught up and Pete was just waving and smiling! 

 We took a family picture in front of the trees like we used to when we were little kids.
 And went to Thomas's baptism. It was really nice- the pastor is the same guy that married Matt and Lara and they had two of their good friends be T's sponsors.

We also had the unltrasound last week. The little guy is growing great and there aren't any concerns at this point so ONWARD we go. I think that it is funny how much the first picture looks like Petey did when he was born- I guess there are no questions that they are siblings!

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