Monday, October 11, 2010

Why we love Fridays

Every Friday Peter and I go to ECFE at one of the area elementary schools. All of the kids that are there are between 1 and 2.25- when Petey started he was one of the little kids, now he is one of the 'bigger' kids there. They have so much fun, the teachers are so great and it is so fun-he'll tell you why!
We get to make HUGE messes and no one gets mad! I mean, sure we all have to clean up at the end of the day, but it is really the moms that do all of the cleaning and we just have to carry one toy around for a while then throw it in the right box. One of my favorites is the bus, oh and the tractor, and the parking ramp, and the trains, and the farm animals... just NOT the babydolls. We also get to do an art project, sing songs and dance. Then we line up to wash our hands and have a snack. BUT then- it is the best time of the day!!!

We go to the gym! There are slides, cars, balls and a trampoline!!
And a tunnel!

Sometimes I just eat a few crackers really fast so that I can be one of the first kids into the gym. We get to run around for a half an hour before it is time to go! But that's not all... when we leave we go to the library and pick out a toy to bring home for the entire week! It's free!! Mom keeps says that we are going to get something different every week, but I say that we should just get the train or the parking garage and I'll be fine with it!

AND that is why Fridays are the BEST!!!

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