Friday, October 15, 2010

Babies, babies, babies

I have LOTS of friends right now who are pregnant and having babies- some are "out" and some aren't quite yet, but it is so fun to watch us all grow! The picture outside is my friend Jenny from SMU cc- she is due about 3 weeks after me and the other is my friend Bri who is due with TWINS in February!!

Here is proof that I am really growing- I think that this is about 37 weeks.

We have gotten most things ready for Captain Hook too, the diapers are washed and we have a little changing table in the bathroom now which is nice becuase I used to change Petey on the floor, but it is getting a little hard to kneel on the floor and I don't want to put a tiny baby on the floor. Once he starts to wiggle all over the place- then we'll get rid of the sewing machine and move everyone back to the floor.

I eventually want the babies to share a room so we can keep our playroom/ guestroom upstairs but for now it is going to be the nursery, playroom/guest room. We just cleared out a corner and everything fits in! It will be nice so that Pete can sleep and once the baby starts to sleep through the night we'll put everyone back in together.

All that's left to decide is what the baby will wear home from the hospital!! Will it be the pink bunnies or the yellow koala bears? Hopefully we'll find out soon enough!

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