Monday, October 25, 2010

WSU Homecoming

Last weekend, we did the Warrior Waddle for WSU's homecoming. I thought that it was pretty appropriate that it was called a "waddle" instead of a run- Garrick pushed Petey and jogged with me. I had been having a lot of contractions that week, so we thought that was the thing we needed to get baby moving a little! The people at the race thought we were NUTS- but fun for running- we even got an article written about us in the Winona Daily News- oh- and my time was 29:10. Not too bad for 8.5 months pregnant!!

We also went with Mike and Julie to the WSU homecoming parade. We got to see all of the cheerleaders, players and clubs at WSU and other fun things from around town. Pete also got lots of beads and a huge bag of candy- hope the trick-or-treaters enjoy it!!

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