Friday, September 9, 2011

Elroy Sparta Bike Trail

We took our first trip on the Elroy Sparta Bike Trail this weekend with the kids and my parents met us up there as well for the morning! It was a far cry from earlier in the week when we were all wearing shorts and tanktops- but it was great weather for biking.

We parked close enough to a tunnel that it wouldn't be a super long ride which meant there would be more time for playing in the tunnel and while we were biking. Peter did a great job of walking through the tunnel, making train and owl noises and holding his flashlight.
He and I even found a place in the tunnel to hide and surprise everyone!!
We spent time looking at the BIG doors and the water the runs along side of the trail and even caught a frog in the nets that GrandpaDan brought along.
Here Pete is "Putting it Back." into the water
Emelia also got some playtime with everyone!
(Everything is always so BRIGHT green there!)

Peter even got to ride his own bike for a while on the trail. At the trailhead there was a caboose with area pamphlets/information inside that Petey got to play in for a while... The next day at school his teacher told me that he was super chatty that day and then asked if we had seen his grandparents the day before... I said Yes and then she said... "In a caboose?" I laughed and explained what we had done the day before and that yep, they had in fact been in a caboose. Life doesn't get much better... does it?

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vivida said...

Peter looks brave and Emi looks "hoppy".