Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun with the cousins!

Last week  Garrick's sister Erika was in MN visiting family and we got to visit with them for a few days as well. We did all sorts of fun things- the video from last week was of Peter swimming at Linka's friend's pool- here is a picture of us all swimming- Emelia was sleeping in her carseat and missed out.
We also went to the park a few times, let the big boys ride their bikes together and played with Grandma Linka's new kitchen and the trucks outside!
But I think that the highlight of the day was when Garrick got the big parachute out and we all played in it!
On top of it and
Inside of it!
Nick and Emi played with play food until he took something that she wanted...
This was our best attempt at a group shot that night. Emelia wanted to get to the rocks, nick wouldn't stay still and Ben was being told what to do...

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Amy said...

Parachutes really are the best arent they? and Emi's face looks familiar to how my daughter occasionally looks!