Monday, July 23, 2012

Garrick's Half Ironman

 Garrick did a half-ironman this weekend up in the cities. He left for the race much earlier than we did and we got to the race just as his wave was being called into the water which was perfect timing. I got my watch started and tried to find him in the sea of green swim caps and black wetsuits.

 While we waited for him to finish swimming we went down a few slides...

Swung on a few swings

and climbed.

We went to watch and pretty soon, he was out of the water! Garrick mentioned that he had a cut on his foot that he sustained in the middle of the lake... a fish? a wire?? Someone's mouth??

He headed out and so did we!

We took a quick stop at an overlook to let the kids run around for a bit

and then went to a cemetery to wait for Garrick and cheer on the other bikers. Garrick was super happy and cheerful to see us and the kids had fun running around the gravestone and Pete rode his bike and picked a few flowers from some graves...

After we caught him one more time biking we parked in our spot near the one mile marker and waited for him to come- Then we took a walk for a while to let the kids rest- Emi took a short nap and Pete relaxed in the chariot and had lunch, cookies and a huge freezie pop.

Back to the park.

And saw Garrick Finish! Official Time: 5:07 (I think)

Garrick said that he wasn't sure what to expect going into this- he had done lots of little triathlons and some olympic distance ones, but a half-marathon is a long ways to go after you've been exercising for 3 hours! He did a great job and  we were so proud of him! GO GO GO

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Barb said...

That's awesome! Both Garrick's time and your own version of a marathon wrangling the kids for all that time. What a treat for everyone! And I love the pictures from the park. Mini me for sure!