Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pizzzzey Farm

Peter (and Garrick and I) have been telling all of the grandparents about the pizza farm for a while. Grandma Linka and Grandpa Greg decided that enough was enough and left work early Thursday night and came down to Winona for some fun!

We had snacks and pizza and then let the kids loose to play on the toys and visit the animals. Peter thought that the rooster crowing was particularly funny and also liked the goats on the leashes. We also saw Oscar and his family there so he and Pete danced/wrestled to the music for a while. I thought I took a few more pictures, but I must have been mistaken!

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Barb said...

We love the pizza farm too. Might be there both Thursday and Friday night this week. Too much fun but not enough weeks of summer. :)