Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day

We went to the usual Earth Day festivities in Winona- this year it was down at the Levy which was nice because we could bike there and I like to see things happening there.
MVI 1993 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

  MVI 1996 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

We also went out to a friend's house that afternoon and got to hike, climb on tractors, have a campfire, play on his trampoline and outdoor rock wall and get stuck up in a tree house. Peter saw it and wanted to climb up, so Emi went up as well and I followed wearing Lainey... of course it is easier to go up than down and I feel we are all lucky to be alive!

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vivida said...

Peter looks like he is masterminding sneaky ideas to Emi. :)