Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Best Friends

Peter and Emelia have decided they are best friends this week- they have been playing together a lot, riding bikes together and even sleeping in the same bed snuggled up. He is still impatient wtih her asking the same question 6 times in a row and she is still snatching things from him- but he has really grown up and is being a great big brother to her!

MVI 1941 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

MVI 1925 from garrick holey on Vimeo.

MVI 1938 from garrick holey on Vimeo.


Barb said...

Don't you love those times when they are like that?! It makes all the fighting and bickering that you have to officiate worth it.

Renee said...

A doctor told me that my girls would bond more with each other after our new baby was born, and it seems like it's true in your case and in ours!