Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seeing the Okee Dokee's!

We took a little family road trip for a day to the cities to see the Okee Dokee Brothers sing at the library concerts. We met Katie and Kellan there and the kids had a great time! They sang a lot of songs that they knew from their CD that we have and a few we didn't know. Peter still says "they sang that one!" in the car when we are listening. The only part that was a bummer is that they didn't sing the train song- but afterwards, Pete wanted to go and say hi to them, so we waited in line and he said very quietly that his favorite was the train song- one of the guys gave him a fist bump and said MINE TOO!

 After the concert, we went to Katie's house for lunch and played and then I took a big risk. I took the three kids to the Como Zoo on my own! The girls were in the stroller and we just took our time, walking slowly around the zoo and doing whatever we wanted. It was a really nice day!

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vivida said...

LIKE...Emi is such a ham and good for Peter to speak up.