Monday, June 10, 2013

Trinona-- Peter's Big Race

We went to see Trinona- kids last year and since then, Pete has been talking about it. Where the kids parked their bike, how they ran to the track and around it. We had asked the race director if he could do it before he was 5 since he was showing so much interest and he said absolutely! So, we signed him up! I knew he would have no problem finishing as long as he started.

He did a great job of lining up and getting into the water in the pool. I am pretty sure that he didn't really know though, when he should start swimming. He and the little boy he was sharing  a lane with just hung out for a minute or so. It was also loud in there, I'm sure, so he looked like he was a little distracted then as well. But he ran out of the pool area, got some help getting dressed (tried to take off his wet swim suit as well!!) and was off on his bike.  At the next transition he found the water stop and stood drinking and drinking before ran.

Afterwards I asked him what the best part of it was- Swimming!!


Barb said...

Awesome! You must be so proud.

Renee said...

This is incredibly cute!!