Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4 month old Lainey

Little Lainey is 4 months old. Which is incredible.

The most common comment that is made about her is that she is such a chill little baby that never cries. And it is true, she goes with the flow, smiles at everyone and is happy to be a part of whatever is going on.

She is following the path of her siblings of being long and lanky- she was measured today at 11.5 pounds (10%) and 25 inches long (75%). The PA we see said she is perfect in every way though!
Lainey likes to take a morning nap that is pretty short- about an hour- but then can sleep from 1:30- 5 if I let her in the afternoon! She is a great sleeper at night as well- she goes to bed around 8 and gets 12 hours in. She was waking up for a while in the mornings and fighting her swaddle, now I just leave a light gauze blanket in with and and she shimmies right up with it- she loves to suck her fingers/thumb while she sleeps.

She has been rolling for about a month now, but this week she has gotten so that she is going back and forth all of the time. She loves to play on her tummy and sleeps on her side. She is grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth at times.

Her favorite toy though, is Peter and Emelia. They love to make her laugh, shake her bouncy seat and bring her toys to play with. Both of them will spend time talking and signing to her every day and I feel like they both really love her right now- until she starts to crawl and get in their things!!

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vivida said...

Beautiful series of shots with her blue eyes, blue dipe, and cute smile. Lainey's whole face lights up. She smiles with her eyes!