Sunday, September 1, 2013


We saw a flier at the grocery store for a farm show that wasn't far from our house. After Joan (our neighbor) gave us free butons to get in, we called grandpa Dan, made a date and headed up to see some tractors!

Peter surprised us all and got to/wanted to participate in a kiddie pedal-pull. He did a great job and had a lot of fun pulling!

 They also had a little bakery there with homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies and milk. That, along with watching the polka band and the polka dancers- might have been Emi's favorite part!!!
 Petey, of course, loved walking up and down the rows and rows of tractors- looking at the old and new, orange and GREEN ones.
 The kids got to go for a tractor ride that lasted well over 5 minutes! They went all over the grounds and loved every minute of it!

 This also might have been Emelia's favorite- there was a little petting zoo with pygmy goats, a donkey and a little horse. Before she would leave, she had to go back and give each animal one last pet.

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