Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swinging Bridge

We had a beautiful day with too much to do, so we got out of the house and went to check out a place we'd never been to before- the swinging bridge in Galesville. I haven't spent much time in Galesville- just have driven through to a yarn shop that we like to visit on occasion. We weren't sure where to go, but found the park that I remembered that it was attached to and started to walk-

 The "cave" we found along the way- Emi told me she saw "scary eyes" in it...

 We finally found the bridge!  It was much longer than I had anticipated and the kids were much more excited than I had thought as well!

Unpovoked love for the baby... Guess we know who everyone's FAVORITE is??

My little hiking buddy
 We also stopped at the apple orchard on the way home. They have a big green tractor out front that Pete usually comments on- so I said we could try and get a ride today. Of course the tractor wasn't there, but we walked back into the orchard to see if we could find it and just hitch a ride back. I was just about to say- I don't see it-- too bad-- when Pete piped up- I SEE IT! I see the roof of the tractor. Sure enough, just over the knoll you could see the flat green roof of the tractor against the green grass. We hustled up there and found an empty row and got a jostling ride back to our car.


vivida said...

Wonderful pictures, Erin. You can see LAiney's personality developing! Emi is such a lil mommy. Great pic of Pete on the bridge.

The Mahlke Chronicles said...

Love the bridge pictures. I'll have to remember that bridge for future reference!
-Angie Mahlke

Amy said...

what a fun day! is this by winona and which orchard? we want to get to at least one more this fall!