Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy 5 to Peter!

Peter turned FIVE this month. It was a busy week as always of many celebrations. He celebrated at the Ida's house on their own- when the kids came back they told me that Pete's birthday was over- we didn't need another party.

We didn't heed that warning. We spent the day with the Holey grandparents at LARK toys and then he and Garrick went skiing with Chris and Oscar. When they came home, there were many of his "adult" friends at our house to have cake and celebrate- the later in the week, he had his friends from school over! Big days for a big kid!

This year Peter has learned to write all of the letters and his name and words as you spell them out. He also has become some type of expert on different types of trains and has grown to love to play with his electric trains in addition to the wooden trains that he and Emelia play together with. Peter still loves to read all types of books and is learning to read and works hard on reading his BOB books. He also can complete complicated mazes and likes to color in coloring books. Peter completed the cross country ski program this winter, has become a great downhill skier going down any bunny hill with no help and has been in swimming lessons and can almost float on his back. He still loves owls, the color green, pickles and salami.

All of these boys have gotten BIG. Check them out five years ago...

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vivida said...

Thatsa lotta kids! I love the comparison picture: 1 year vs. 5 years. My fav of the winter has to be the two boys skiing and boarding.