Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am ONE!

I have the best birthday! I just want to tell you all about it! I decided that now that I am ONE I should go and take a walk outside- so I geared up, grabbed my wheelie bug and OUT we went. We made it to the end of the block and then I turned around and went all of the way back--- well almost- I started to slip down a driveway into the street but Grandma Mooze saved me.

My mom made cupcakes (again!) and I got to have one- This time they said Petey one them and there were little farm animals- just like my favorite book!

A whole bunch of my friends came over for cake! Oscar, Finn, Brennan and Caleb were all here- yup that's right 5 boys under 4 years old- NO GIRLS ALLOWED at my parties! We played with my toys, drank milk, ate cake and went sliding. It was so much fun!

The next day I was so exhausted, 2 days with Grandma, a party and all of that walking will wear a guy out- I was so happy to find my clean lovies drying on the drying rack- I tipped it over and played with them all day. Mom says that they are for the crib- I say they are for all of the time!

Mom also took these pictures of me with my bear- Maybe we are done now that I am ONE? Big boys don't play with teddy bears (I do, but I don't want my friends to know) so hopefully she'll stop. I can tell you this: I'm not smiling anymore in these pictures! 

Thanks for such a fun birthday everyone! 

Love, Petey XXXXX


vivida said...

I love the pic of Pete and the little boys! :)

The Seubert's said...

Erin, He's so ADORABLE!

ani said...

so fun. I am glad you are so good at documenting Petey's life. I can't believe he's one already!!