Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Already?

It's hard to believe that one year ago I was like- oh I have another month... NOPE! We have had such a great start to our year.... We are just hoping it continues.
SMU had their ski race this weekend, I didn't do it- I just wanted to watch Garrick ski- I'll go some races later in the winter- I know that I am running out of time though!
Bundled up watching the race.
After he finished- 6th place!- we went for a quick ski with my parents on the trails which was super fun as well!
Peter was just happy to get out of the chariot and be home playing with his toys.
We had noodles for dinner last night- He had so  much fun playing with them, eating a few of them and getting them all over the place! Note to self: spirals and elbows are MUCH easier for him to eat!
His latest thing is to pull everything that he can off of the drying rack. He stands and laughs while he is doing it- when I go over to put it back up, he crawls over as fast as he can and hides behind the rack. what a naughty little munch!

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