Thursday, February 18, 2010

One year in pictures.


February 14

February 16
 Feb 16
 Feb 17
 Feb 18
 Feb 20

Feb 21
 Feb 26
Mar 3
 Mar 8
Mar 13
Mar 15
Mar 20
 Mar 29
 April 5

 Apr 14
 Apr 19
 Apr 22
 May 3

 May 10
 May 19
 May 23
May 30
 June 19

 June 22

June 26

July 4

July 15

July 20

Jul 29

Aug 3

Aug 13

Aug 19

Aug 23

Sept 4
Sept 13

Sept 22

Sept 30

Oct 7

Oct 7

Oct 15

Oct 22

Oct 24

Oct 30
 Nov 8

Nov 16

Nov 22

Dec 4

Dec 11

Dec 13

Dec 22

Dec 28

Jan 6

Jan 18

 Jan 29

Feb 2
 Feb 6
 Feb 16

 If you made it this far- you are probably Grandma Mooze- I got the idea to do this from this: which I love love love for many reasons- cute baby, good music, cloth dipes, and a really really fun idea! 

You have a job! Let me know what your favorite picture is and why either here (you can post anonymously and just tell me who you are with out an account OR on facebook) - it is time for all of you stalkers to come out of hiding(just this once)! We will send a prize to one of you randomly drawn that is appropriate for you on Mar 3.

Thanks so much for sharing our first year with our little one we feel SO blessed. Keep us in your hearts and prayers as we grow up!


Amy said...

Im a stalker. I will admit it. I hope you stalk mine as well though! Know you are welcome to! I like so many but I think my fav is lil Petie sleeping August 19th. We have one of L like that on Christmas Day in her pjs. Its tough being a baby! However...I guess they are toddlers now! Congrats on your first year of parenting! You guys sure had lots of adventures. How lucky Pete is!

vivida said...

Stalker? Lurker? No, I admit I am addicted. :p
Alright, this is hard to pick just one. Here goes... 2nd runner up: Aug 3; 1st runner up: Oct 7 w/ bear; and the winner is....Feb 20

Missy said...

I am a stalker too - it remindes me to update mine more often and gives me a good break at work :) My fav is October 7th with the bear --sooo cute!

Matt said...

Im mostly a lurker, but I think Ive posted once or twice?? Anyways, great post, Erin...there are couple favorites of mine that you left out, but of the choices there, I vote for Nov. 16th (happy b-day, mooze! haha :) ). I love the expression on Petes face there!

ani said...

ooh, picking a favorite is hard. I'm going to go with Viv's method of judging: 2nd runner up is Aug 19th- I love the shaft of light on the peaceful sleeper. 1st runner up is Aug 3rd- another well-take photo; I love the diaper-in-the-grass shot. Winner goes to Oct 7th-- Peter just looks so cute! That picture makes me wish I was there playing with him.

vivida said...

Hey- I have a few questions. Why was Dec 28 included, Peter isn't even visible. And Oct 30 should be on a page for pumpkin growth, not baby growth. Best question is where is the cherry box picture??? But of those to chose from - the winner is WE LUV SPAGHETTI - better known as Feb 2. Luv dad

nancymc said...

Happy belated birthday to Pete!
I'm fessin' up - I lurk every now and then to catch up on what's happenin' with you folks!
Choosing a first place pic was easy -- Feb. 20 'cause all's well with the world!
(Alternate is Aug. 3, and then... and then...lots of cute pics, Erin.)

Anonymous said...

August 19- Child's pose- Lindsay McL

Anonymous said...

It is true...I am a mild stalker of your son. My favorite picture is from Feb 20th...Pete with the dog behind him. Its adorable and Kim has it up on her desk or in her room and it just makes me smile. Nice blog Erin! Chariti W