Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 51 weeks Pete

We were up in the cities last weekend for the City of Lakes Loppet and we also celebrated Petey's birthday with Garrick's family. We had spaghetti, cake and lots of fun! It was so much fun to see everyone- Peter made his rounds and showed off his moves walking all over the place.

He made some pretty friends... 

Also, we went to the race- actually two races- On Saturday we went to the skijouring race- that is a skier and dog attached and skiing together... WOW! That's all that I can say about that- it was so funny- some dgos totally knew what to do and the others- had no idea. Where did Scout fall in that? He was into it majorly for 2/3 of the race, but then he ran out of gas...  This is the starting line. Here is a video that some guy took during the race.
 Garrick had a great race the next day also- he got into the 2nd wave and skied really strong with a great group of guys- and a girl the whole way- Good for her- He was just about in the top 100 which he was really happy with.
He also got a new ski suit from the nice people at SMU- they were clearing out all of the old gear so we have a bunch of it laying around- let me know if you are racing these days and are interested- I may be able to hook you up with at least 1/2 of a suit! 


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Pete! And good job to Garrick...I was in the 4th, probably should have been in the 5th...its very hard to train and be a mommy but it was so fun nonetheless! I would love part of a suit from SMU!!! Talk to you soon!

vivida said...

Very nice picture of grandpa and PT. :)
Pete looks like he's ready to give a lecture about that birthday card he is holding. ;)