Thursday, March 4, 2010

2 funny stories- which is better?

Week 2 of Garrick being gone... we are surviving but cannot wait until he gets back! He should be back this weekend or early next week. We went to my parent's house this weekend and Petey played and I relaxed. Grandan and Mooze had so much fun with the little Munch.

(Petey fell asleep in the sun this morning like this- I seriously think he is the sweetest thing) 

Funny story: We were out snowshoeing and Pete was in the backpack. He pulls his gloves off all of the time and mom found one at one point. We got to a turning point and oops now he's missing the other one. She turns back to find it and dad and I were going to go forward. After about a minute, Payton came trotting up to her with the glove in her mouth- I wish I was making this up, but I"M NOT! What a genius! I don't have a picture of it, but I assure you this is a true story.
(Playing with Scout's tail) 

Funny story 2: Pete has this "puzzle" that has little doors that open and close and it has magnetic animals inside. I usually supervise this playtime b/c a. the pieces are little and he *could* swallow them b. the pieces are little and he likes to carry them around and I don't want them lost... this is more so the reason. Well he was playing with it on his own and 2 of the pieces were missing- the cow and the cat. I was telling my mom this on the phone and how it is ruined etc... Pete comes up with it in his hand, covered in dust bunnies and sawdust- I have no idea where he was or where the piece was, but he found it! What a genius! I also do not have a picture of this, but I assure you this is a true story. I think that he had heard so much about the dog genius that he wanted to be the baby genius. :)

My job continues to get better, I am getting to know some of the students, am getting responses from some of the students that I was pretty sure were dead and am learning how to maximize the time I work so that when Petey is home and awake I can play with him instead.

Things Pete can currently do: go up and down stairs, play on his slide, put shapes into a shape sorter (with lots of help), say (with a lot of imagination) mama, ball, and barks at dogs. He also LOVES to play in the potted plants in our house and dump the dirt on the floor and eat it.


ani said...

haha- such funny stories! What a smart dog and a smart little boy you have. Thanks for sharing!

vivida said...

OK, Pete with dirt on his face is tooooo cute. Yes, my dog IS a genius.

Missy said...

So, I thought Pete was playing with a horse and it turns out to be Scout! HA HA! Oops!