Thursday, March 11, 2010

One year...

Means lots of things... First off, we went to his one year check up...
Here are the stats.
18 pounds 12 ounces- 0-3 %
30 inches 50%

He's  doing everything and anythign though that a one year old would do- she wasn't worried. We also had lead levels checked since we live in an old house and Garrick works with it all day- they were perfect. He's just a VERY busy little boy.

In honor of that and him being with me all day, he wanted to share HIS favorite things to do...
 Play in the potted plants and eat the dirt
Unroll the toilet paper
Free his lovies out of his crib and the carry them around until they get taken away- "those are for sleeping"
Play in Scout's water dish and dump in out on the floor

Get a better look outside by climbing up onto his rocking chair.
Petey's day would not be complete without doing most of these activities at least once- usually more than that! He also LOVES to read pop up books- he just needs a little help becuase he gets a little carried away on his own. We have a few and spend lots of time reading and re-reading and re-re-reading them-

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vivida said...

HA HA It looks like Pete is multi-tasking whie unrolling the toilet paper: Holding a lovey in his mouth....tee hee. Love all the expressions